7 Smart Tips For Tanning With The Help Of Tanning Beds

After a lot of tips on the natural ways to get tanned here is a list of tips that will help you in case you want to use the tanning bed. As, you have read earlier in the process of natural tanning there are perfect exposures required along with monitorizations and exfoliations. The same thing is also applicable when it comes to use of tanning bed. Here are a set of 7 tips that could actually be used in that case:

Tip # 1

The first tip and advice would be taking a shower and exfoliation of the skin with an abrasive soap. You might also use a scrubbing sponge. This process will help you make your skin clean and free it from the dead cells. Dead cell accumulation might stop the tanning source from reacting on the skin, and this will not be a good idea. This is a proven method that enables the tan stays longer.

According to a research done by the Boston Globe, it is recorded that almost 40 k to 30 k dead skin cells falls of a body within a span of just one minute which sums up to 8.8 pound of dead

Tip # 2

The immediate next step would be using a high-quality tanning product or lotions that are specifically designed to be used for tanning beds. The incorporation of best quality materials in the lotions makes it a better choice for the ones interested in increasing the tan up to 70 percent. It might seem expensive to you but are actually worth the amount of money since the result is visible as soon as the application is done in the correct possible way. Your tan will tend to be smoother, more even, softer and also a better tan result is visible.

Tip # 3

The third step is advisable that you do not tend up burning your skin in the process. You are not supposed to stay in the bed for longer. It could be half an hour to three hours in natural tanning procedure but tanning bed needs just 6 minutes to 8 minutes of your time. You might stay up for a number of sessions but do not go for it all together.

If at any point you tend to burn up the skin, wait till the burn is completely healed before you go for the sessions again. Burning is definitely not good for the skin and you need to have it removed in a shorter period of time.

Tip # 4

It is advisable to wear your sunglass or googles while you are searching for the tan bed to be your partner for tanning regime. You might end up damaging your eyes if you are in the tan bed and therefore it is advisable to wear them whenever you are ion the tan bed and take a serious note of it without failure.

Tip # 5

Each tanning sessions must have a gap of 48 hours and this is necessary. Once you have reached the goal of your tanning sessions, you can maintain the same with the help of one or two visits per week to that of the tanning salon.

Tip # 6

It is advised to use a tan extender solution or lotion that helps in the long lasting of the tan. All these extenders come with a special ingredient that add to the bronze color of the skin that you were desired to achieve. Thus, these are quite popular. Next time you walk into a tanning salon for the tanning sessions make sure that you also take the help of tan extender that helps you in keeping the tan for long.

Tip # 7

Tanning is just a moderation of the color that your own ski exhibits. You can faux up the glow by fake products. Instead abide by the use of real ones and check the ingredients before application of the same.

Final Words:

While you are interested with the best tips, keep in mind each of them before you enjoy your vacation sun tanning in the beach, your own backyard or in a tanning bed.  The use of correct product makes it worth the time and desire that you have.