12 Useful Tips To Get The Best Sun Tan – Dos And Dont’s

If you are interested in getting the bronze or golden-brown hues in your skin, go for sunbathing or tanning beds. There are several dos and don’ts that a person needs to follow in order to make sure that they do not land up burning the skin or damaging it permanently.

Tips For A Natural Sun Bath:

Provided below are twelve ways that you can get your skin tanned perfectly when it is summer. The tan lasts longer and is the natural way that helps individual craft the best skin color of their choice. Let’s take an insight into the 12 possible tips to get the desired tan naturally:

Sunbathing Necessities

Take proper sunbath with the best possible lotions and self-tanner so that you get the desired result that lasts long. It is advisable to get the tan natural way but avoiding the risk of getting burnt or redness of the skin. Sunbathing is always related to that of hueing the skin in a perfect way. Sunbathing is a natural way whereas tanning beds are an artificial way. The former tends to last longer creating a much natural tanning color that is not washed away or scrubbed away easily. Once you plan to take a sunbath, prepare yourself with all the necessary items and both beach or backyard of your house would be the best place.

Whole Body Tanning

While you are interested in tanning the front of your body, remember to keep the elbows up in the posture such that the tan is smooth and even. The same is applicable when you lie on your stomach, keep your hands straight to avoid any sort of unevenness. It is advisable to turn every fifteen minutes or thirty minutes thus avoiding too much exposure on one side. The uneven distribution is therefore mastered well with the help of flipping method. Make sure you are carrying all the items that are necessary. Tag along with a chair or mat that will help you lay down or sit comfortably.

Using Sunscreen

The use of sunscreen is a must. It might appear to you that you are barring the sun’s rays from reacting with your skin. The notion is actually wrong since the sunscreen only slows down the action of UV rays such that the tan stays longer. There are numerous companies offering the best solutions for you; the higher the SPF, the more time taking procedure it would be, and this will help the tan last longer than expected. Few tan tends to extend the whole summer and continue in the first weeks of autumn.

Hydrated Skin For Better Results

Remember keeping your skin hydrated. You, of course, do not want patches of the tan all over your body with dry skin. Therefore, intake of lots of liquid become a necessity when it comes to tanning perfectly. Drink a lot of water and juices to avoid dehydration of skins. Supposedly you forget to hydrate your skin at times with liquid, moisturizers work as an alternative keeping the skin tone even and smooth.

Protection For Eyes

Protect the eyes. It is believed that optic nerves when stimulated it helps in the release of melanin that is responsible for the skin color and its changes. Hence, do expose a bit but not directly. Close your eyes or use a hat which can help you in getting a uniform tan. Avoid using sunglasses since it creates a patch march on the sides of eyes. Too much exposure of the eyes can cause itchiness, and thus it is advisable not to stretch the naked eye exposure in the sunlight for long though it makes the tanning procedure faster.

Shower Is A Must

Take a shower – cold or hot – after spending a lot of time in the beach or just the backyard of the house. This helps in preserving the tanned skin color and therefore regarded as the best tip to be followed when it comes to tanning. Taking a shower and gently exfoliating the skin is an important inclusion since they are perfect for removing undulating surface, opens the pores and at the same time makes you look fresh.

Make sure you are not using a hard scrubber to exfoliate since they can wash away the full color in case you have started taking up the tanning already.

Check The Ingredients Of Tanning Lotion

If you are using a self-tanner remember that they already contain ingredients that trigger the change of skin complexion almost immediately after you step out.  This tanning lasts for a couple of days and therefore, requires revival. It is therefore advisable to use the best tanning lotion that helps in slow coloring of the skin and therefore makes it easier for the interested ones. Check the list of ingredients before buying any product, and this will definitely lead you towards the best way to get the tanning.

Hours Of Exposure

If you have the notion that too many hours of exposure to the sun will help you get tanned faster, you are probably walking in the wrong path. It is advisable to spend only a few hours say a couple of two or three hours and not more than that. Going out in the sun for consecutive days is something that worth your tanning look. For the body to gradually get colored it is necessary that you take the regime on a daily basis and under the same circumstances.

Time To Avoid Sunbathing

If you are planning to tan yourself, go for the full body tan. You can go for artificial ones, or you can also stick to the natural sun tanning that is time consuming but a safer mechanism that the body adapts gradually. Avoid sitting in the sun during the following hours 10 Am to 4 pm. This time is not perfect for your tanning solution, and therefore you might land up burning your skin thus leading to a permanent damage.

Taking Breaks

While it is time to sunbath, you may take some breaks. There is a common misconception that one cannot draw near the shades while sun tanning. This is actually wrong and sometimes taking a break ensures that you are helping the prolonging of the tan that will exist for long.   Thus, make sure you choose the correct time and also space.

Sunscreen Application At Intervals

Continuous application of the sun screen is an important part of the sun tan regime. You need to apply the skin care products every half an hour and at the same time get good care for your lips as well. This will help you end the sun tanning procedure with a complete look and that bronze appearance that you want.

Eating Sun Friendly Foods

There is a list of foods that are perfect to be eaten while you go for the tanning procedure naturally. Skins own SPF is boosted with the increased lycopene in the body. Tomatoes are regarded as antioxidants along with several other red and orange fruit and veggies which is regarded as the best sun protection that is increased to rate of 33 %. Taking green tea and fishes rich in omega 3 is also a beneficial way. Dark chocolate reduces the risk of sun burn and at the same time caffeine is believed to curb the risk of skin cancer while you are exposed to sun for longer period of time.

There are a lot of factors that are proven as benefits of getting sun tanned. The increase in few hormones boosts up the melanin secretion. Formation of Vitamin D and other nourishing factors are possible tip that helps in the complete procedure. Therefore, natural way of tanning is always regarded as the best when it comes to getting a bronze or golden-brown hue for the body.

Hopefully, these tips will help you get the best result from your tanning session. Make sure you prepare in a proper manner to get that bronze appreciating looks. Happy Tanning!