Tanning – Few Precautions With Dos And Don’ts Of Tanning

If you are interested in tanning your skin to the shades of golden brown and bronze, take the help of experts who are knowledgeable in the field. Some people prefer natural ways of tanning others goes for the artificial way. Either ways there are few tips and precautions that a person needs to follow in order to make the tanning experience a perfect one.

Tanning could be done naturally, which means you can bath yourself in the sun ray’s thus making it a better way to add hue to your body. Once you are engaged in spending time on the beach or say in the backyard of your house, do not forget the things that are too much necessary for the procedure. Tanning is also possibly done indoors with the help of tanning beds. There are several tanning salons to assist you in the work. Stated below are few dos and don’ts both in the case of using the tan procedure indoors or outdoors.

What Are The Dos Of Tanning?

While taking about the dos of tanning while indoors and outdoors could be listed as below:

  1. Use of a sunscreen with a high SPF is a must. This is generally used to make the sun rays or tanning bed last in its effect. The tans thus formed are capable of staying in the place for long. The more the SPT, the more the effect of tanning lasts.
  2. Hydrating your skin is a mandatory method. Since we all want skin tone that is smooth and even. The uneven surface is caused due to the dryness of skin. Thus apply moisturizer after the sun bath is over and also apply it before the procedure begins. The same is applicable in case of tanning beds as well.
  3. Drinking a lot of water and juices also helps in keeping the skin hydrated such that the tanning evenly spreads out eliminating the risk of dark patches and uneven tanning.
  4. Taking a shower in both types of tanning is a necessity. This washes away the dirt and other impurities if any. At the same time exfoliating the skin gently with the help of a gentle scrub is also a necessity.
  5. Removal of a dead skin cell is an amazing way to help the tan reach deep layers of the skin and therefore lasts longer.
  6. Use a hat to cover the eyes, or you can opt to close your eyes when interested in a natural tanning procedure, whereas tanning bed requires the goggles or wearing of shades.
  7. Application of lip balm is necessary in order to save them from getting burnt.
  8. Flipping on the sides after each 15 minutes or 30 minutes is a necessity so that the whole body is evenly tanned.
  9. While lying on your back, turn up the elbow so that the whole area is exposed to the sun and in a better way finishes the tan. While lying on the stomach, stretch out the arms by the side of your body for perfect exposure.
  10. Use of self-tanners and also tanning lotion is a mandatory, and this helps in preserving the natural hue of the skin. There are various self-tanners that come with pigmentation of bronze and can make your skin appear so.
  11. Eating fruits and veggies that boost the tanning procedure is also a must. Dark chocolates, green tea, tomatoes are excellent while you planned to stay on the beach for long.
  12. Use of a sheet or chair is important such that a person can lay down comfortably while they are getting tanned in the perfect way.
  13. Continuous use of moisturizer and sunscreens are a necessity to drive out all the dryness and patchy works on the skin.

What Are The Don’ts To Be Followed?

There are various restrictions that one needs to follow when it comes to tanning. The slightest mistake might cause a serious and permanent damage to your skin. Following are few factors that one needs to keep in mind as a strict no from an experts end:

  1. Avoid the time between 10 Am to 4 PM. The direct exposure within this time is not really beneficial and might affect an individual adversely. The same applies for indoor tanning. In this case one need not expose to a tanning bed for more than 6 to 8 minutes on the first session.
  2. Too much exposure might burn the skin. Avoid the heat or the sun when it tends to redness and skin turn orange. This results in burning of the skin, which is not good for the skin’s health and also exhibits a negative hue. While in sunbathing session one can crouch under the shades at times when the temperature takes a toll.
  3. Never avoid the sunscreens and lotions. There is a false conception that sunscreen bars the action of tanning, which is actually Sunscreen with is SPF factors allows for more tanning appropriateness.
  4. Do not lie on the similar sides all through the session since this will give rise to unwanted unevenness.
  5. Dehydration and dryness of a skin is a strict no. The uneven areas could be filled by continuous use of lotions and moisturizers.
  6. You should not use the sunglass while lying in the sun.

Since tanning is an art, it includes in its periphery a lot of factors. Innumerable options are available in the market that eases the tanning procedure for the customers. If you are interested in buying the best product, make sure that you are taking a look at the ingredients before purchase.

Here are the names of few famous brands and their formulation of natural tanners and tanning lotions: Idol Tan, Maui Babe Browning Lotion, Sinfully black from Australian Gold (tanning lotion), Cheeky Brown-another Australian Gold production, Coconut Kisses by Ed Hardy and Sky organic products.

The tanned skin exhibits a golden brown hue which helps your skin look amazing and apart from that it also helps the person look slimmer to a huge extent. Lying in the sun has its own positive vibes and helps an individual nurture a lot of good things. The first thing that lying in the sum helps us with is increasing the level of serotonin thus making us happier.