Indoor Tanning Tips -10 Best Ways To Get Tanned Indoors

The term indoor tanning refers to the way of getting tanned without being exposed to sun. There are various tanning booths and salons through America, which is visited by several citizens as a reliable option to get tanned.

There are certain tips that one needs to follow in order to get the best tan result indoors. Let’s take a look at ten popular tanning tips indoors that act as a perfect mechanism to change the colour of the skin:

Tip 1: Understanding The Working Of Indoor Tans

The natural sunlight emits 95 percent of UV- A and 5 percent of UV-B rays and most of the indoor salons and their equipments are designed in a way such that they emit the ultraviolet rays in the similar amount. The indoor tanning mechanisms and tools include emission of ultraviolet rays for changing the skin colour into bronze r golden brown. When exposed to sun the individual gets three sorts of ultraviolet rays emitted through the rays – UV A, UV B, and UV C. The last one is regarded as the shortest ones that do not act as a promoter to change skin colours. The other two – the first being the longest and deepest to reach the layers of skin are being used in the indoor mechanisms.  The skin has an epidermal layer which is also regarded as the top most layers that contains melanocytes. Now, these are the elements that stimulate the release of melanin in the skin that is also responsible for changing the skin colours.

The longer the exposure the more of melanin is emitted in order to make this a remarkable tanning sessions.

Tip 2Determination Of The Skin Types

This is quite necessary part of the professionals that need a perfect determination. There are five skin types ranging from Type 1 to Type 5. The first one is the most lightly coloured skin that gets burned very easily. Whereas the last one or the Type 5 skin are darker and therefore are easy to be tanned; depending on the type of skin the professionals determine how long to they need to expose their skin and how frequently must they expose their skins to indoor tan treatments done.

Tip 3Tanning Schedule Is To Be Devised

The tanning session is decided by the trained and experienced professionals who know what exactly is to be done. The session time period is extended each passing day. The exposure time is decided after taking a confirmed look at the skin type such that the melanin is oxidized and then result in stimulation of dark skin. For all new customers, the time must not be more than 5 to 8 minutes which is gradually increased in each consecutive tanning sessions to be followed after the first attempt.

Tips 4: Preparation Of Skin

There are various things that a person needs to do in order to prepare the skin for tanning purpose. Exfoliation of the skin is necessity before 7 days of the session that begins. Use of body pouf is common with a gentle soap to scrub the skin well. One can even use the commercial exfoliating kit that is available online.

Apart from this application of the indoor tanning lotion in circular stroke is mandatory. Keep in mind that fact that you are not using anything that damages the tanning bed. 

Tip 5: Removal Of Items

You need to remove all accessories in your body otherwise it will result in white patch around the area they rest against the body. Removal of eyeglasses is a necessity. The heat released from the tool of tanning might destroy the contact or eye glass lenses.

Tip 6: What Garments To Put On?

The use of garments and its choice solely depends on an individual. Some choose to use the swim suits while others are in demand of no clothing at all. Some also prefer to wear the under garments. One needs to check from the officials available in the tanning salon and tanning bed workshops.

Tip 7: Eyes And Its Protection Is A Must

While you are interested in using the tanning device make sure that you are taking an eye protection to prevent direct exposure to the sun rays. All the technicians make sure that the customers are wearing an eye protection such that they do not look at the UV rays emitted from the devices. Repeated exposure of the eyes might cause several disorders like that of retinal ulcer, blindness and night blindness.

Tip 8: Adjustment Of The Body Position

You are not supposed to stay still in the tanning bed; you are advised to move the legs and hands such that the tanning is completely done in a better way. While reclining the individual must nit rest his or her chin on the chest, this will create a white spot on the neck.

Tip 9: Moisturise  After The Session

It is important to apply a moisturiser such that the tan is preserved longer than in any dry and itchy skin. Thus, it is to e noted that a lotion must be applied just after the session and also after each shower be it hot or cold. The choice of lotion is depended on the skin type and deep penetrating lotion must be bought for excessively dry skin.

Tip 10: No Immediate Shower

It is important to note that you must wait at least for three or four hours in order to go for the shower just after the session is over. The reason behind this is, one needs to allow the melanin to successfully get stimulated.

One more thing that needs special attention are – you need to avoid items that causes harm to our skins.It is advisable that too much exposure to either indoor or outdoor ultraviolet rays might prove harmful for the individuals. You can keep the tan from fading by the application of the moisturiser and other cleanly products.