10 Popular Guidelines To Follow Before Using Tanning Beds

If you are interested in using the tanning bed to get that bronze hue, make sure that you are doing it in a proper way. A slightest mistake in the bed can prove to be harmful to you and your skin. Therefore, make sure that you know all the guidelines that are to be followed in order to make sure that there are no problems later.

The very first thing that one could do is make sure that they know each stuff used in the process thoroughly. Along with that one needs to have knowledge of the use of the same and the don’ts associated with each tool, products, and stuff. Let’s check the guidelines that you need to know before making a place in the tanning bed:

Tip 1:  Make An Appointment 

After you took the decision of tanning, make sure that you are visiting one of the nearest tanning salons in your area. There are a variety of beds that you can choose from. Here, is a list of the beds that are available: low-pressure where the UV rays are emitted in a natural way through the spectrum, the lamps in associated with beds are known to produce faster color, but the risk of burn is also high in this. Followed by this is the high-pressure beds, which is known to emit a higher portion of UV-A rays. The UV- B rays are responsible for burns, and these are released in a low quantity. The color formed in this bed is deeper and lasts longer, but they take the time to build the color and also are expensive. Booths are vertical beds where you need to stand where all the parts are uniformly tanned and forms the best option for the once suffering from claustrophobia. The last one, whole body spray – in this method the whole body is sprayed with a liquid that tends to darken the skin color, but the only negative point is that the tan fades away in an uneven tone or blotchy manner.

Tip 2: Take A Tour


If you are interested in the service, it is advisable that you take a tour of few other salons that provides you with the similar option that you want to choose. Check whether they are clean and uses authentic methods for the whole tanning procedure. You may ask a few necessary questions even if you please – like the way they clean the beds or ask them what products to they use to clean the dirt build up and so on.

Tip 3: Filling The Analysis Form

It is advisable to observe that the salon you are choosing is giving you a skin analysis form to be filled up. This analysis form is nothing but the salon’s initiative to know the skin type you have and also make sure that you are getting all possible help from the professional’s end.

You need to mention in the form about the prescribed medication you have so that there is no problem at all. Since there are various products that may adversely react while in tanning beds.

Tip 4: Goggles Are A Must


Most of the salons insist for putting the goggles while you are in tanning beds. This save your eyes from the permanent damage of issues related to blindness. The ones not asking you to wear one is not the perfect one for you. They are nonchalant and is not concerned with the customer’s safety and care.

Tip 5: Avoid A Few Unwanted Things 

You are not supposed to buy any of the tyrosine-based solutions, lotions pills or anything. The fact that they stimulate melanin secretion in the skin is, of course, true, but there is no proven fact that intake of the same or application of tyrosine is absorbed by the body or skin respectively. Therefore, any salon forcing you to use this is definitely not your choice.

Tip 6: The Clothing Part 

It is solely your decision as to what dress you want to wear or actually want to go nude. Make sure you are carrying all the other elements like abrasive soaps, exfoliating scrubs and also the towel since the salon would offer you the scope to use a public toilet which might not be safe at all. Therefore, make sure that you are taking all the items and coming out clean.

Tip 7: Too Much Exposure To Be Avoided 

The longer the hour of exposure the more you get tanned is a bad idea. It is advisable to only stay in the tanning beds for 6 to 8 minutes in the first session and with each session, the time must increase slowly.

Too much of exposure to the UV rays is a not at all good for the skin, and thy can destroy or burn it, in case you burnt your skin, wait for the burn to heal completely before you jump onto the bed again.

Tip 8: Timer And Attendants 


After you get on the bed and flip the lid to close make sure there are a timer and an attendant to take a look at the fact that you are not left unattended for long. Therefore, the assistants are kept to ensure that they are available whenever there is a problem with the machine or tools or whenever you are in need.

Tip 9: Make Sure You Are Not Still When In 

While you are inside the tanning bed, make sure that you are not standing or sleeping in a still manner. Move and relocate your hands and legs to get fully tanned. Uniform tanning is the best idea, and this could be achieved only when you feel free to turn this way and that way.

Tip 10: Hydration And Shower

Keeping the skin hydrated is important during the whole tanning session and also drinking plenty of water, juices, green tea, dark chocolates keep you on the positive side. Make sure you are taking a shower and exfoliating your skin to get an even, smooth and uniform tan. 

These are the steps that will help you get a perfect tan that lasts long. Use products such as self-tanners and tanning lotions to keep the skin moisturized.