Getting Perfect Tan – Few Ways To Determine Success

Are you worried about the ways to get a perfect tan during the summer? This has been the greatest issue that a person faces when he or she is likely to look stunning throughout the season. Not only that, the look must continue till the first autumnal week.

The tanned skin exhibits a golden brown hue which helps your skin look amazing and apart from that it also helps the person look slimmer to a huge extent. Lying in the sun has its own positive vibes and helps an individual nurture a lot of good things. The first thing that lying in the sun helps us with is increasing the level of serotonin thus making us happier. Though e have a popular misconception that runs – Vitamin D is filled inside while we spend a lot of time on the beach. Actually, it is not so. Now, when you are ready to wear the swimsuit and be in your flip flops, take some time to read the things provided below. Here are few perfect ways that will help you turn the tanning into the finest art. Provided below are 8 popular tips that will help you tan your skin into that beautiful smooth bronze finish thus helping you stand out of the crowd:

Protection Is Necessary:

It is always mandatory to use sunscreen. Before you get into the process of tannin, you need to understand the role of these sunscreens. The slower you tan, the longer it lasts. The reason being that our skin is designed in a way that it renews itself every tan day. Therefore a shield is a necessity. Application of the best quality sunscreen every 2 hours while in the water and while out of it helps you in a vivid way. After all, you are not interested in burning the skin anyways.

Regular Exfoliation:

It is necessary to understand that tanning is nothing but the reaction of the skin towards sunlight. Hence, it is mandatory to remove all elements that assist in the building of the dead cells that blocks the skin from reacting further. If you forget to exfoliate regularly, you must understand that you will get an uneven tan, which of course you do not want. Scrubbing lightly is necessary such that you do not get all of the colors out if the skin already started reacting. There are a plenty of options to choose from, or you can opt to make your own.

Moisturizing The Skin Is Important:


It is necessary to get your skin moisturized the night before you plan to sunbathe. Take special care of the areas that are uneven and problematic – which means it dries out quickly. You can opt for a sun lotion that incorporates moisturizer as well. This will help you reduce your work to a great extent.

Skin and body both must be kept hydrated, hence, drink a lot of liquids. This will help you in getting a smoother and even tan.

Distributing The Color:

It is obvious that you do not want your skin to be colored in different patches and hence the placement of body parts is an art. While getting the front body portion tanned, remember to have your arms up. This will help you have an even color throughout. The time you are turning on to your stomach make sure that your arms are stretched out perfectly. It is necessary to flip every half an hour or fifteen minutes. If you are feeling a little drowsy, it is advisable that you curl up behind the umbrella avoiding the risk of falling asleep on one side.

Protection For Eyes:

Direct sunlight is not at a good idea when it comes to the eyes. Optic nerves are sensitive and bright light on them stimulates the gland called hypothalamus. This is responsible for the production of melanin thus providing a better tan result like the one you desire. But at the same time, your eyes might get burned too easily. Therefore it is advisable to keep them closed. In case you want to enjoy the scene around you can use the hat to camouflage sunlight. The use of sunglass is also not a good idea when it comes to lying directly under the sun!

Natural Is The Best:

The use if tanning beds are a mythology now. It is better to expose yourself to the sun directly. A tanning bed is believed to expose your skin and body to UVA, and that reacts 12 times more than the sunlight tanning process. This might result in a much more radical damage as the UVA rays are capable of penetrating deep into the skin in the long run. Thus, above all keeping it simple and natural is the best way and sun the healthiest choice when it comes to perfect brown skin.

Keep A Check On The Time:

According to doctors and health experts – avoiding 10 Am to 4 pm while choosing to sunbathe is the best. This is applicable even if it appears to be cloudy outside during the time span avoid going out to tan yourself then. This time the sun rays play a dangerous game, and you can burn your skin into red which is unavoidable, and reduction of this is difficult. Bronze is the color you ant and not permanent redness and damage.

Take A Shower:

Be it a hot shower or a cold shower, both of them are equally helpful. This is regarded as the best way to remove all the lotions that you applied and provide your skin a silky appearance. Moisturizing after taking a bat is also very important. The bronze color becomes patchy if not cleaned and moisturized well. Any cooling cream that is soothing and calms based on Aloe-Vera is just perfect.

Once you have in-depth knowledge about the dos and don’ts of sun tanning, follow the perfect steps so that you never land up making a mistake. Find a perfect suit, a magazine and remember these tips for the summer tanning ahead.