How to Get Tan Fast : Your Wait Has Reached To An End Now

Who doesn’t love the warm glow a dusky body exudes? That’s why “how to tan” techniques are highly sought-after. In any case, before you head towards tanning, know the tan preservation methods as well. Let’s find out the popular tanning tips, maintenance recommendations and best tanning product right at this moment in the market.

Visit Salon

Visiting a tanning salon is the ideal way when you are looking for courses on how to get tan fast. You’ll find a number of salons around your locality but the devil lies in details. This is to say, ask around, do your research and go through online reviews before zeroing upon one. Numerous salons provide the clients with sub-standard sprays while giving them full body tan. The only redeeming factor about them is- they are cheaper in price. But the damage done to your skin would be irreparable.

So when you choose a salon, ask for the label of the spray they would use on your body. Does the product contain pores-clogging material? If no, then go for the next.  Likewise ensure that amidst the hoopla of how to tan faster, you must not reach out for a foam/spray that would have orange effect on your skin.


When you are asking for how to get a tan, remember that it will lead to numerous methods, but each of them starts off from the same point and i.e. exfoliation. Exfoliation gives away dead skin cells- thus making your skin more receptive to sun rays. Scrubbing also unclog your skin pores and helps your skin cells to dispose of dirt and oil build-up. There are many top quality defoliators in the market that you may reach out for. Similarly, with some kitchen items you can easily prepare your own scrubber.

 Ingredients such as- oatmeal, brown sugar, and lime juice are great for scrubbing dead skin cells off your body. Go through whole body scrubbing before going outside for tanning. But do remember that, scrubbing ought to be done delicately without tearing off or damaging your skin.

Eat Healthy Foods

Very few “how to get a tan” guides put stress over eating the right food in order to prepare your skin tan-worthy. We all know- how coating our bodies with SPF-rich sun screen shields the skin from UV rays. How many of us have heard about lycopene? This element in your skin creates the skin’s very own sun protection formula. You just need to pick up the right foods to produce its in more percentages. Green tea and tomatoes are two ingredients that are lycopene production-friendly.

 Do you know that dark chocolate has loads of anti-oxidants, which prevent skin cancer while you are lounging under the sun? In the same breath, don’t ignore the power of single shot of espresso. Caffeine does have a property to reduce the risk of UVA-led cancer, while you are striving for how to tan your body.

Apply Coffee

Aside from keeping us awake whole night and giving us energy boosts, coffee has the self-tanning ability itself. This is the secret which many “how to get a tan” manuals don’t let you know that. In order to get a coffee-tan, make a paste of grounded coffee-beans and virgin olive oil. Prepare a smooth glop and spread it evenly all over you body. If it’s becomes hectic to get to the backside, then ask a friend for the favor.

Once you are covered with the mixture, let it remain there for maximum 15 minutes. Afterwards, then wash it off with water. You might not get the effect of a professional tanning service or frying under the sun, but the coffee-gunk will certainly give you a brown glow.

Get Tea Mix

Who knew that our favorite beverage would have such a fitting response for how to get a tan? Like coffee, tea can also lend your skin a honey glow in a safe and easy way. For that method, pick up three tea bags and place them inside a pan. Now pour 1 cup of boiling water on them. After 10 minutes, take out the bags one by one.

By that time, the tea would be seeped into the water. Now strain the liquid and mix quarter cup of sesame oil into it. Take a cotton ball or sponge and apply the concoction all over your body for a smooth brown coloration. This way, you can make your how to tan mission successful.

Put In Natural Oils

Carrot oil has beta carotene that can animate lycopene – your skin’s characteristic SVF. On the off chance you are lying down on the beach; massage your body with carrot oil before stepping out. This would give your body an exquisite brown shade you were looking for, while finding out how to get a tan. Similarly, olive oil is another ideal transporter for tanning your body in an au natural way. Just make sure that, you are picking up the extra virgin variant.

Sponge and cotton ball are two options witch which- you can apply the oil on your body (including the face).These natural oils not only get your skin darker but make it supple as well. In case you are planning to tan your body with natural oil, go for a bubble bath after-ward, for rounding off the process luxuriously.

Avoid Tan Lines

Avoiding tan lines should be one of the priorities before you head towards the beach. For that, remove your sunglass, jewelry and wrist-watch before stretching out on the beach. Otherwise, each of these items would give your body- strips of un-tanned lines once the tanning session is done. In similar fashion, going for strapless swimsuit or stick-on bra under your bathing costume would leave no un-tanned marks at all.

Move Around

Go for a beach volley, will ya? Or what about doing push-ups in your backyard when you are finding ways on how to get tan fast. Constant movement would accelerate the process of browning every limb on both sides of your body. Can you guess what those places are? Well, under-arms and inside of thighs prominently. There are many who lie on their backsides whole day in order to get a tan. Others, only focus on their front-side. But what about the corners and angles of your body where sun never shines? That’s why find out ways to move around while on the beach or in your backyard.

The majority of “how to tan” manuals out there miss out on this very important point. Another impressive byproduct of moving a lot would be- you can easily get a toned body along with a sun-kissed skin.

Smear Cocoa Powder

There are many ways to get a tan effectively without positioning under the sun. Just raid through your kitchen cabinet and you might find the necessary products. In the event, you are itching to know how to tan in a pocket-friendly way, look no further than cocoa-powder. Apart from a quarter cup of cocoa powder, you need white lotion to mix with it. When you blend them well, you will get a foamy paste.

Take a make-up sponge and spread the mixture evenly on your body. Let it soak into your skin for 15-20 minutes. After that, wash it off with lukewarm water. Doing it 5 days a week at a stretch, would give you the desired brown color you were looking for.



Some otherwise well-research “how to get tan” articles skip on the importance of hydration during this tanning process. But if you deprive your body of water, resting on the shoreline would make you dehydrated pretty quickly. Not only that, a dehydrated skin tends to become flaky and dry as well – thus becoming an uneven canvas for tanning.

Drink 4-5 liters of water daily for a supple skin that would produce melanin adequately within a brief 30 minutes itself. If you are planning for a “tanning” vacation well ahead, then start the process of drinking plenty of water as soon as possible.


Remember how the iconic Bond girls come out of sea on-screen- smoldering like bronzed goddess every time? Well, when you are scratching your head by thinking how to get tan fast, bring out your inner-diva and take a dip into the sea. The salt present in the ocean-water would help the sun rays to reflect on your skin-thus leading to its coloration.

Do remember that, when you are picking up ocean as your method of how to tan faster, you need to take time-intervals. No need to floating on the water for more than 10 minutes at a stretch. Take adequate breaks during two dips.

There are some misconceptions that -using sea salt with water and bathing with it inside your bathroom would give you the dusky outcome of tanning. But there is a vast difference between natural sea salt and the processed one. So there is no alternative of bathing in sea when you are looking for ways of how to tan.  

Understand Timing


Understanding the timing is another essential piece of how to get a tan. Do you know that a quick 30 minute session of exposing to sun enough for each side of the body, even if you have the complexion of an English rose? Anything more than that, and you might end up having sunburn, skin damage and something as fatal as cancer. Melanin, the skin pigment, has its own cutoff time and after that, it’s pointless to lounging on the beach.

In case you are diving into the pool or ocean, then also 30 minutes of swimming is sufficient when you are exploring the method of how to tan. Additionally, do remember to take intermittent intervals while going for a sun tanning spree. Lie down near a shade, so that your skin gets protection during intervals from UV ray onslaught.

Put On Sunscreen

Putting on sunscreen is must when you are going out for tanning. The UVA rays otherwise might cause you skin cancer, alongside sunburn. How much time one needs to wait after applying sun-screen and before going outside? The duration varies from 25-30 minutes. Do you have milky-white complexion with no trace of tan? Are you looking for how to tan faster process? Then don’t go for a sunscreen with more than 30 SPF. Else, it won’t bring on the preferred result. In similar fashion, you must be applying SPF based lip balm because no one wants tanned lips. Right?

There is a misconception that one needs sun-screen lotion only while lying back on the beach. But if you are searching for how to tan inside swimming pool, then also you need water-based sunscreen lotion, in order to protect yourself from UVA and UVB.

Avoid Sunburn

Do you know the worst time to remain outside? It’s between 10 AM to 3 PM. It’s the duration when the UVA ray would be at its peak. So when you are looking for methods of how to get a tan, do pay a heed to this time frame. Choosing any other time except this one, would give you a beautiful tan without burning your skin.

However, even if taking all the precautions to avoid sunburn do become futile and you develop a burnt skin, then some natural ingredients like- aloe vera gel or yogurt would heal the burnt area faster. Sipping into chilled coconut water in the mean-time would accelerate the process of healing from sunburn, internally.

Coconut Oil

Extra virgin coconut oil should be your friend while you are lying on the beach or taking a plunge. Do you know when majority of Italian women out there look for how to tan techniques; they mostly up coconut oil as the number one choice for moisturizing? Pat it all over you body before you head towards the ocean. But do remember that in case you have acne, then leave the face out of it. Otherwise, it may aggravate the skin disease.

Shed Inhibitions

It might sound outrageous but do you know how to get tan fast while beach-bumming? Well, it has to be going in a full commando mode! Well, not only lying on beach but you can shed your swimsuit too, while diving into that part of ocean where there is no sign of human beings. Likewise, in case you are picking up the bathing suit for beach lying, going for a two-piece suit should be the ideal choice. Through this way, your body would receive the even shade of tanning.

If you are scheduling your how to get a tan exercise in such  a route  that you would go to the pool in one day and lie on the beach on the next, then pick up the same cut for your swimsuit for both the occasions. Otherwise, you will have uneven colors all over the body.

Go For DIY

When you are researching about how to get tan fast and in an inexpensive way, then how about doing it yourself? Well, while we are discussing about doing it all by yourself, it doesn’t rule out the presence of facilitator. Ask your friend or a family member to spray the tan on your back-side when you are lying down. You can take care of the other limbs by yourself though. Also keep a bottle of moisturizer by your side.

Once the tanning is done; do put on moisturizing lotion all over the body and save the skin from becoming flaky. Before purchasing the spray or the tanning lotion, see YouTube tutorials on self-tanning. Grabbing the right product is also essential so that you might not suffer from side-effects of how to get a tan.

Other Tips

There is a bunch of tips to follow if you are aiming for successful tanning. When you are on the beach, wear big-framed shade that has up to 400mm of UV ray absorption rate.  There are some theories which state that- not wearing a sunglass while lying under the sun and keeping your eyes shut can stimulate the production of melanin in the skin. This pigment is the main reason for skin getting darker. But this can be a highly dubious claim. Moreover, your cornea can be damaged permanently- with the direct contact of harsh sun rays.

Also if you are planning to keep your tan even if the vacation is over, don’t exfoliate for the second week anymore. Scrubbing would peel off the layer of tan.

Picking Up Best Tanner

In these modern times, there is no compelling reason to lying under the sun hour after hour, in order to get a tan. When you type in the search bar for how to tan in a sunless way, then the result would show you hundreds of tanning products that are leading the market. Among them, Idol Tan is a pioneering name.

It’s Convenient To Use

No need to purchase umbrella, sun bathing costume, or spray bed when you are leveraging upon Idol Tan. Just spray it all over your body and go around doing your household chores. When you are looking for the answer on how to tan faster by sea-side or dropping into the pool, it takes lot of time. It means you have to cut back on important tasks.

With this product, the tanning process would be time saving.  Likewise on the off chance you are searching for how to get tan fast, then Idol Tan provides you with the quickest route where you can get the result within 1 hour.

It Has Healthy Ingredients

When we are in the frenzy of how to tan faster, we often times forget that, skin needs to get moisturized and remain supple throughout the coloring process. Using sunrays or dipping into the water, would leave your skin dry and chapped. Idol Tan uses au natural ingredient such as- DHA as well as aloe vera. While the former tans your body without burning it or causing skin pigmentation, the latter has its cooling effect. You don’t need to rub moisturizer throughout the day, once you apply Idol Tan. It has the moisturizing property in itself.

It Gives A Warm Glow

How to tan faster without getting the burnt orange look? Well for that only, Idol Tan should be your best buddy. Instead of lending your skin that orange-ish tint, it will give you the look of melted chocolate or honey-glow. Result? You’d look great with an even skin tone and warm color outfits would gel with your skin like a dream.

It Doesn’t Have Side-Effects

Remember the dreadful damaging of inner skin-layer that comes with methods followed by “how to tan faster”? The hand-picked components of Idol Tan would only darken your skin by coloring the epidermis but won’t trickle down skin deep. The result? A fitting solution to your how to get tan fast quest. Also being the water-based tanning product, you can easily apply Idol Tan during sweltering heat, without getting drenched in sweat.

It’s Versatile And Long-Lasting

Idol Tan is available in different formats. Do you know how to tan faster that lasts minimum 1 week? Well, there is none other Idol Tan that can do this to your skin. What else, you can buy it as foam, spray, cream or lotion. The soothing citrus-y aroma would make the whole experience pleasantly smelled.

Easy To Purchase

Not always how to tan faster method comes with cost-effective price. With Idol Tan, there won’t be any hole-in-your-pocket. Moreover, purchasing the product from the official site itself, would give you the security in the money transaction and quick shipment.

So when you are looking for the answer of how to get tan fast question, do consider Idol Tan. This is one of the coolest and value-for-money products out there.

Tanning is not a rocket science. With the perfect method, timing and protection, you can easily get that sexy bronzed look you have always cherished for. Regardless of whether you prefer the outdoor tanning method or the indoor ones- make sure that you follow the correct step-by-step method. Maintenance is another key part of a flaunting a sun kissed body.