6 Popular Products That Assist In Easy Tanning Of Skin

Were you searching for the best product that helps you in your tanning? There are innumerable products that will definitely assist you in getting that best tanned look. Brown and golden hues are probably all that you want. Use of products merely won’t fetch you the desired result.

Idol Tan

This is a sunless self tanner that comes with an improved pump system and tanning foam. This product is noted for providing the user with a brown and natural bronze colour irrespective of the skin type.  Idol tan self tanning gel is easy to use and perfect for using both indoors and outdoors. While most of the tanning and self tanners provide an orange hue this results in a more even residue.  You can just apply this product and get ready. By the time you are out the product will exhibit a tanned look with an even and smoother finish compared to any other product of the similar type. Some outdoor lotions and tanning oils also incorporate a few self-tanning solutions that make you look sun kissed as soon as you step out. But the best way to look tanned and gets a smooth tanning you need to apply the lotions and oils that help in pigmentation of the skin and intensifies with the action of UV rays. The best items available in the market are ideal for acting against wrinkling of the skin and dryness of the skin or fine line appearances by keeping the skin hydrated and moisturised in a proper way.

Maui Babe Browning Lotion

This is believed to one of the best Hawaiian formula that finds a popular space among the enthusiasts of tanning. This is best used with sun block so as to prolong its effect while longer sun bathing sessions. There are two popular versions of the lotions. One – perfect for outdoor use that comes with mineral oil formula and the other is used indoors and comes with a sunflower oil formula. This is best used with the following product – SPF 30 Maui Babe Lotion (sunscreen).  This formula is light base oil that is made from the following products – Kukui nut oil, aloe extract, anti-oxidants A, E and C, Kona coffee. The first few steps of tanning includes hydrating the skin, perfect exposure to the sun and also make sure that you are deriving the best tanning beds. When it comes to artificial or natural tanning, try protecting your eyes and lips and then achieve that perfect look.

Self-tanners are also termed as fake bake, which has dyes that make you look tanned or bronzed as soon as they are applied on the skin. This colouring deepens gradually and tends to last for a couple of days after application.

Sinfully Black From Australian Gold (Tanning Lotion)

The products from Australian Gold are usually regarded as the top and best-selling ones and so are sinfully black. It is also termed as Deep Dark Bronzing product with the following ingredients – parabens and propylene glycol. This product incorporates its making the following –Monoi de Tahiti, walnut shell, hemp seed oils, sunflower oil, Kukui nut extract and etc. various reviews from fair skinned users brought into the highlight a fact – this lotion is best to build a hue as golden-brown base within the couple of weeks after this was used.

Cheeky Brown-Another Australian Gold Production

This is a self tanner and at the same time this is regarded as the tanning lotion also. The use of henna and caramel in the product slightly darken the skin while it is applied. Perfect for use both indoors and outdoors this product contains the following materials – sunflower oils, glycerine, Aloe-Vera gel, olive oil extract, panthenol, glycerine, vitamins A and E, tea tree oil and others. The use of tea tree oils provides it a cooling effect. Instead learn the dos and don’ts of tanning as well.

These lotions are also designed in a way that they reduce the burning effect thus saving the complete damage of the skin. As all know, tanning is a simple action of sun rays in pigmenting the skin such that it looks great throughout the summer.

Coconut Kisses By Ed Hardy

This is the best product that could be used by the ones craving for a base bronze skin effect before their vacation begins. While you absorb the direct sunlight, the product is perfect to hydrate the skin due to the use of following materials – coconut oil, butter and milk. The product has in its formulation the ingredients that speed up the production of melanin and tyrosine thus easing the bronze effect. According to the maker Ed-Hardy, this product uses a few secret ingredients that is perfect for tattoo protection and also helps in disappearance of the wrinkles and cellulites.

Sky Organic Products

The Fractioned Coconut Oil is regarded as the best production from the house of Sky organics. Coconut oils from the base of various tanning lotion, oils and self tanners, thus using coconut oil is the best to get even, desired and smooth brown glow to the skin. This production from Sky organics has no use of scent in it and is light for sensitive skin use. In case, you require a perfumed product team this up with a few drops of essential oils. Protection from UV rays, light to be used for skin is few features that increase the popularity of the product. There is no risk of harmful chemical additives like any other products. This helps the skin in retaining moisture and also softens it to a great extent; vitamin D production is boosted and healing of wounds become faster with the use of this product. Self-tanners and lotions are different with best possible result for the type of function you need them for. Therefore, choose your products judiciously to avoid making mistakes later!

Thus, while buying a product make sure that it satisfies your needs and it’s perfect to be used both indoors and outdoors.


10 Popular Guidelines To Follow Before Using Tanning Beds

If you are interested in using the tanning bed to get that bronze hue, make sure that you are doing it in a proper way. A slightest mistake in the bed can prove to be harmful to you and your skin. Therefore, make sure that you know all the guidelines that are to be followed in order to make sure that there are no problems later.

The very first thing that one could do is make sure that they know each stuff used in the process thoroughly. Along with that one needs to have knowledge of the use of the same and the don’ts associated with each tool, products, and stuff. Let’s check the guidelines that you need to know before making a place in the tanning bed:

Tip 1:  Make An Appointment 

After you took the decision of tanning, make sure that you are visiting one of the nearest tanning salons in your area. There are a variety of beds that you can choose from. Here, is a list of the beds that are available: low-pressure where the UV rays are emitted in a natural way through the spectrum, the lamps in associated with beds are known to produce faster color, but the risk of burn is also high in this. Followed by this is the high-pressure beds, which is known to emit a higher portion of UV-A rays. The UV- B rays are responsible for burns, and these are released in a low quantity. The color formed in this bed is deeper and lasts longer, but they take the time to build the color and also are expensive. Booths are vertical beds where you need to stand where all the parts are uniformly tanned and forms the best option for the once suffering from claustrophobia. The last one, whole body spray – in this method the whole body is sprayed with a liquid that tends to darken the skin color, but the only negative point is that the tan fades away in an uneven tone or blotchy manner.

Tip 2: Take A Tour


If you are interested in the service, it is advisable that you take a tour of few other salons that provides you with the similar option that you want to choose. Check whether they are clean and uses authentic methods for the whole tanning procedure. You may ask a few necessary questions even if you please – like the way they clean the beds or ask them what products to they use to clean the dirt build up and so on.

Tip 3: Filling The Analysis Form

It is advisable to observe that the salon you are choosing is giving you a skin analysis form to be filled up. This analysis form is nothing but the salon’s initiative to know the skin type you have and also make sure that you are getting all possible help from the professional’s end.

You need to mention in the form about the prescribed medication you have so that there is no problem at all. Since there are various products that may adversely react while in tanning beds.

Tip 4: Goggles Are A Must


Most of the salons insist for putting the goggles while you are in tanning beds. This save your eyes from the permanent damage of issues related to blindness. The ones not asking you to wear one is not the perfect one for you. They are nonchalant and is not concerned with the customer’s safety and care.

Tip 5: Avoid A Few Unwanted Things 

You are not supposed to buy any of the tyrosine-based solutions, lotions pills or anything. The fact that they stimulate melanin secretion in the skin is, of course, true, but there is no proven fact that intake of the same or application of tyrosine is absorbed by the body or skin respectively. Therefore, any salon forcing you to use this is definitely not your choice.

Tip 6: The Clothing Part 

It is solely your decision as to what dress you want to wear or actually want to go nude. Make sure you are carrying all the other elements like abrasive soaps, exfoliating scrubs and also the towel since the salon would offer you the scope to use a public toilet which might not be safe at all. Therefore, make sure that you are taking all the items and coming out clean.

Tip 7: Too Much Exposure To Be Avoided 

The longer the hour of exposure the more you get tanned is a bad idea. It is advisable to only stay in the tanning beds for 6 to 8 minutes in the first session and with each session, the time must increase slowly.

Too much of exposure to the UV rays is a not at all good for the skin, and thy can destroy or burn it, in case you burnt your skin, wait for the burn to heal completely before you jump onto the bed again.

Tip 8: Timer And Attendants 


After you get on the bed and flip the lid to close make sure there are a timer and an attendant to take a look at the fact that you are not left unattended for long. Therefore, the assistants are kept to ensure that they are available whenever there is a problem with the machine or tools or whenever you are in need.

Tip 9: Make Sure You Are Not Still When In 

While you are inside the tanning bed, make sure that you are not standing or sleeping in a still manner. Move and relocate your hands and legs to get fully tanned. Uniform tanning is the best idea, and this could be achieved only when you feel free to turn this way and that way.

Tip 10: Hydration And Shower

Keeping the skin hydrated is important during the whole tanning session and also drinking plenty of water, juices, green tea, dark chocolates keep you on the positive side. Make sure you are taking a shower and exfoliating your skin to get an even, smooth and uniform tan. 

These are the steps that will help you get a perfect tan that lasts long. Use products such as self-tanners and tanning lotions to keep the skin moisturized.


Tanning – Few Precautions With Dos And Don’ts Of Tanning

If you are interested in tanning your skin to the shades of golden brown and bronze, take the help of experts who are knowledgeable in the field. Some people prefer natural ways of tanning others goes for the artificial way. Either ways there are few tips and precautions that a person needs to follow in order to make the tanning experience a perfect one.

Tanning could be done naturally, which means you can bath yourself in the sun ray’s thus making it a better way to add hue to your body. Once you are engaged in spending time on the beach or say in the backyard of your house, do not forget the things that are too much necessary for the procedure. Tanning is also possibly done indoors with the help of tanning beds. There are several tanning salons to assist you in the work. Stated below are few dos and don’ts both in the case of using the tan procedure indoors or outdoors.

What Are The Dos Of Tanning?

While taking about the dos of tanning while indoors and outdoors could be listed as below:

  1. Use of a sunscreen with a high SPF is a must. This is generally used to make the sun rays or tanning bed last in its effect. The tans thus formed are capable of staying in the place for long. The more the SPT, the more the effect of tanning lasts.
  2. Hydrating your skin is a mandatory method. Since we all want skin tone that is smooth and even. The uneven surface is caused due to the dryness of skin. Thus apply moisturizer after the sun bath is over and also apply it before the procedure begins. The same is applicable in case of tanning beds as well.
  3. Drinking a lot of water and juices also helps in keeping the skin hydrated such that the tanning evenly spreads out eliminating the risk of dark patches and uneven tanning.
  4. Taking a shower in both types of tanning is a necessity. This washes away the dirt and other impurities if any. At the same time exfoliating the skin gently with the help of a gentle scrub is also a necessity.
  5. Removal of a dead skin cell is an amazing way to help the tan reach deep layers of the skin and therefore lasts longer.
  6. Use a hat to cover the eyes, or you can opt to close your eyes when interested in a natural tanning procedure, whereas tanning bed requires the goggles or wearing of shades.
  7. Application of lip balm is necessary in order to save them from getting burnt.
  8. Flipping on the sides after each 15 minutes or 30 minutes is a necessity so that the whole body is evenly tanned.
  9. While lying on your back, turn up the elbow so that the whole area is exposed to the sun and in a better way finishes the tan. While lying on the stomach, stretch out the arms by the side of your body for perfect exposure.
  10. Use of self-tanners and also tanning lotion is a mandatory, and this helps in preserving the natural hue of the skin. There are various self-tanners that come with pigmentation of bronze and can make your skin appear so.
  11. Eating fruits and veggies that boost the tanning procedure is also a must. Dark chocolates, green tea, tomatoes are excellent while you planned to stay on the beach for long.
  12. Use of a sheet or chair is important such that a person can lay down comfortably while they are getting tanned in the perfect way.
  13. Continuous use of moisturizer and sunscreens are a necessity to drive out all the dryness and patchy works on the skin.

What Are The Don’ts To Be Followed?

There are various restrictions that one needs to follow when it comes to tanning. The slightest mistake might cause a serious and permanent damage to your skin. Following are few factors that one needs to keep in mind as a strict no from an experts end:

  1. Avoid the time between 10 Am to 4 PM. The direct exposure within this time is not really beneficial and might affect an individual adversely. The same applies for indoor tanning. In this case one need not expose to a tanning bed for more than 6 to 8 minutes on the first session.
  2. Too much exposure might burn the skin. Avoid the heat or the sun when it tends to redness and skin turn orange. This results in burning of the skin, which is not good for the skin’s health and also exhibits a negative hue. While in sunbathing session one can crouch under the shades at times when the temperature takes a toll.
  3. Never avoid the sunscreens and lotions. There is a false conception that sunscreen bars the action of tanning, which is actually Sunscreen with is SPF factors allows for more tanning appropriateness.
  4. Do not lie on the similar sides all through the session since this will give rise to unwanted unevenness.
  5. Dehydration and dryness of a skin is a strict no. The uneven areas could be filled by continuous use of lotions and moisturizers.
  6. You should not use the sunglass while lying in the sun.

Since tanning is an art, it includes in its periphery a lot of factors. Innumerable options are available in the market that eases the tanning procedure for the customers. If you are interested in buying the best product, make sure that you are taking a look at the ingredients before purchase.

Here are the names of few famous brands and their formulation of natural tanners and tanning lotions: Idol Tan, Maui Babe Browning Lotion, Sinfully black from Australian Gold (tanning lotion), Cheeky Brown-another Australian Gold production, Coconut Kisses by Ed Hardy and Sky organic products.

The tanned skin exhibits a golden brown hue which helps your skin look amazing and apart from that it also helps the person look slimmer to a huge extent. Lying in the sun has its own positive vibes and helps an individual nurture a lot of good things. The first thing that lying in the sum helps us with is increasing the level of serotonin thus making us happier.


Getting Perfect Tan – Few Ways To Determine Success

Are you worried about the ways to get a perfect tan during the summer? This has been the greatest issue that a person faces when he or she is likely to look stunning throughout the season. Not only that, the look must continue till the first autumnal week.

The tanned skin exhibits a golden brown hue which helps your skin look amazing and apart from that it also helps the person look slimmer to a huge extent. Lying in the sun has its own positive vibes and helps an individual nurture a lot of good things. The first thing that lying in the sun helps us with is increasing the level of serotonin thus making us happier. Though e have a popular misconception that runs – Vitamin D is filled inside while we spend a lot of time on the beach. Actually, it is not so. Now, when you are ready to wear the swimsuit and be in your flip flops, take some time to read the things provided below. Here are few perfect ways that will help you turn the tanning into the finest art. Provided below are 8 popular tips that will help you tan your skin into that beautiful smooth bronze finish thus helping you stand out of the crowd:

Protection Is Necessary:

It is always mandatory to use sunscreen. Before you get into the process of tannin, you need to understand the role of these sunscreens. The slower you tan, the longer it lasts. The reason being that our skin is designed in a way that it renews itself every tan day. Therefore a shield is a necessity. Application of the best quality sunscreen every 2 hours while in the water and while out of it helps you in a vivid way. After all, you are not interested in burning the skin anyways.

Regular Exfoliation:

It is necessary to understand that tanning is nothing but the reaction of the skin towards sunlight. Hence, it is mandatory to remove all elements that assist in the building of the dead cells that blocks the skin from reacting further. If you forget to exfoliate regularly, you must understand that you will get an uneven tan, which of course you do not want. Scrubbing lightly is necessary such that you do not get all of the colors out if the skin already started reacting. There are a plenty of options to choose from, or you can opt to make your own.

Moisturizing The Skin Is Important:


It is necessary to get your skin moisturized the night before you plan to sunbathe. Take special care of the areas that are uneven and problematic – which means it dries out quickly. You can opt for a sun lotion that incorporates moisturizer as well. This will help you reduce your work to a great extent.

Skin and body both must be kept hydrated, hence, drink a lot of liquids. This will help you in getting a smoother and even tan.

Distributing The Color:

It is obvious that you do not want your skin to be colored in different patches and hence the placement of body parts is an art. While getting the front body portion tanned, remember to have your arms up. This will help you have an even color throughout. The time you are turning on to your stomach make sure that your arms are stretched out perfectly. It is necessary to flip every half an hour or fifteen minutes. If you are feeling a little drowsy, it is advisable that you curl up behind the umbrella avoiding the risk of falling asleep on one side.

Protection For Eyes:

Direct sunlight is not at a good idea when it comes to the eyes. Optic nerves are sensitive and bright light on them stimulates the gland called hypothalamus. This is responsible for the production of melanin thus providing a better tan result like the one you desire. But at the same time, your eyes might get burned too easily. Therefore it is advisable to keep them closed. In case you want to enjoy the scene around you can use the hat to camouflage sunlight. The use of sunglass is also not a good idea when it comes to lying directly under the sun!

Natural Is The Best:

The use if tanning beds are a mythology now. It is better to expose yourself to the sun directly. A tanning bed is believed to expose your skin and body to UVA, and that reacts 12 times more than the sunlight tanning process. This might result in a much more radical damage as the UVA rays are capable of penetrating deep into the skin in the long run. Thus, above all keeping it simple and natural is the best way and sun the healthiest choice when it comes to perfect brown skin.

Keep A Check On The Time:

According to doctors and health experts – avoiding 10 Am to 4 pm while choosing to sunbathe is the best. This is applicable even if it appears to be cloudy outside during the time span avoid going out to tan yourself then. This time the sun rays play a dangerous game, and you can burn your skin into red which is unavoidable, and reduction of this is difficult. Bronze is the color you ant and not permanent redness and damage.

Take A Shower:

Be it a hot shower or a cold shower, both of them are equally helpful. This is regarded as the best way to remove all the lotions that you applied and provide your skin a silky appearance. Moisturizing after taking a bat is also very important. The bronze color becomes patchy if not cleaned and moisturized well. Any cooling cream that is soothing and calms based on Aloe-Vera is just perfect.

Once you have in-depth knowledge about the dos and don’ts of sun tanning, follow the perfect steps so that you never land up making a mistake. Find a perfect suit, a magazine and remember these tips for the summer tanning ahead.

Superb And Easiest Possible Ways To Get Tanned

Are you in search of ways that help you get a bit tanned? A little of golden bronze hue is nothing harmful; instead, it is the way to get a simply stunning look in the summer season. 

A little bit of tan is actually the easiest and superb way to get a skin patch that masks all sorts of blemishes in the skin and at the same time is a perfect combination to wear a lot of colorful clothes and look pretty at the same time. But getting tanned in a perfect way requires some steps to be followed. There are the UV rays to be worried about and then avoid the awkwardness of the orange hue ad redness created due to the burning of the skin. If you are a light bit of knowledgeable and know how to overcome few obstacles, you will get that perfect tan. Following are two types of steps that one could follow to get that perfect golden brown glow this summer. Happy tan times ahead!

The First Method

Keep Things Moderate Or Natural

The first step towards getting perfectly tanned is to choose the Ultra Violet source. The best and natural way-sunshine has no best alternatives when it comes to even and smooth tanning. Supposedly you stay in a moderate climate that does not allow you much exposure to the direct sunlight try using the tanning beds. These actually work wonders and are one of the popular alternatives of the sun tanning. This could be regarded as a year-round effective way to keep the skin a bit tanned. But do not forget to keep the things in moderation, since too much unwanted time in the “oven “as we may say it will make your skin appear as rough leather.

Never Forget To Keep The Skin Hydrated

If you want a smoother and complete tanned look, please consider the ways that make the tan appear better. Well, hydrated skin exposed to the sun is better tanned than dry and dehydrated ones. Exfoliation of the dry epidermal layer is necessary since they erase the dead cells which come in the way of tanning properly. Gently scrub off the skin and do not end up with rigorous scrubbing, thus avoiding the elimination of the full color.  Lotions containing the Sodium PCA formula are a mandate to keep the skin moisturized and smooth. Sodium PCA is a naturally occurring component of the human skin that helps in the maintenance of the healthy epidermal layer and acts as an attracting agent for the moisture in the air. After proper hydration and exfoliation of the skin, it is necessary to apply the sunscreen in the correct amount. Use of higher rated SPF is the best. You might be thinking that this blocks the skin from tanning, but that’s a wrong notion.

Also, make sure that the sunscreen you are using is waterproof while you decide to spend more time in water. Re-application of the sunscreen at a regular interval every couple of hour is a necessity.

Necessity Of Other Smaller Items:

If you have a pit on a little tan and decide to go without sunscreen, your skin might get damaged permanently. Thus it is necessary to use SPF4 – 15 depending on the skin complexion you have and the amount of tan that you put on. While sunscreen makes the whole body tan smoothly, what would you do for the lips? Apply a quote of lip balm on them. It is ideal to apply both sunscreen and balm while in the shade, 20 to 25 minutes prior to getting exposed to the sun rays. In case, there is the slightest possibility of redness and itchiness in the skin get out of the light immediately. This is the signal of burns which might permanently damage the skin cells.

Avoid Tan Lines:

If you want to avoid the visible patches after getting tanned, use the same suit while sunbathing that you would use while swimming. This will leave back no patch work on the skin, and there will not be an excess tan line marked on the skin. The only best thing about the minimal tan line is there is no tan line. You can choose your own place to get the sun bath; it can be your own backyard where the sun rays reach directly or in the beach. Place a chair or a sheet and enjoy your lone time. Also, remember to avoid direct exposure of the eyes while lying straight underneath the sun’s rays.  Keep your eyes closed or wear a hat to shade them instead of wearing a pair of sunglass.

The last step in this process is to keep the skin hydrated as much as possible: drinking a lot of liquid and then jumping in the cool pool every now and then helps you a lot in the tanning procedure. Don’t worry this will not harm the tanning at all. Reapply the sunscreen later as well.

The Second Method

It is likely that you skip the sun tanning method if you are too fair. This might lead to a perfect damage or burn, and you can only sense it after a lot of it has already happened. Hence, sunbathing or tanning beds, neither of them are a good idea for you.

You can choose to the tanning job yourself instead of using various products that are available in the market and help you achieve a perfectly smooth and even looking tanned skin. The use of non-comedogenic lotion is the best since they result in no clogging of the pores.

You might visit a tanning salon and let the experts work on your tanning mechanism and leave it on them for a better and expertise help with tanning of your skin that offers a stunning look always.

Well, while ending the whole tanning experienced and ways it is advisable that you read the label of the products that you are using t get an idea of the materials incorporated in its making and make sure they did not cross the expiry date.

Indoor Tanning Tips -10 Best Ways To Get Tanned Indoors

The term indoor tanning refers to the way of getting tanned without being exposed to sun. There are various tanning booths and salons through America, which is visited by several citizens as a reliable option to get tanned.

There are certain tips that one needs to follow in order to get the best tan result indoors. Let’s take a look at ten popular tanning tips indoors that act as a perfect mechanism to change the colour of the skin:

Tip 1: Understanding The Working Of Indoor Tans

The natural sunlight emits 95 percent of UV- A and 5 percent of UV-B rays and most of the indoor salons and their equipments are designed in a way such that they emit the ultraviolet rays in the similar amount. The indoor tanning mechanisms and tools include emission of ultraviolet rays for changing the skin colour into bronze r golden brown. When exposed to sun the individual gets three sorts of ultraviolet rays emitted through the rays – UV A, UV B, and UV C. The last one is regarded as the shortest ones that do not act as a promoter to change skin colours. The other two – the first being the longest and deepest to reach the layers of skin are being used in the indoor mechanisms.  The skin has an epidermal layer which is also regarded as the top most layers that contains melanocytes. Now, these are the elements that stimulate the release of melanin in the skin that is also responsible for changing the skin colours.

The longer the exposure the more of melanin is emitted in order to make this a remarkable tanning sessions.

Tip 2Determination Of The Skin Types

This is quite necessary part of the professionals that need a perfect determination. There are five skin types ranging from Type 1 to Type 5. The first one is the most lightly coloured skin that gets burned very easily. Whereas the last one or the Type 5 skin are darker and therefore are easy to be tanned; depending on the type of skin the professionals determine how long to they need to expose their skin and how frequently must they expose their skins to indoor tan treatments done.

Tip 3Tanning Schedule Is To Be Devised

The tanning session is decided by the trained and experienced professionals who know what exactly is to be done. The session time period is extended each passing day. The exposure time is decided after taking a confirmed look at the skin type such that the melanin is oxidized and then result in stimulation of dark skin. For all new customers, the time must not be more than 5 to 8 minutes which is gradually increased in each consecutive tanning sessions to be followed after the first attempt.

Tips 4: Preparation Of Skin

There are various things that a person needs to do in order to prepare the skin for tanning purpose. Exfoliation of the skin is necessity before 7 days of the session that begins. Use of body pouf is common with a gentle soap to scrub the skin well. One can even use the commercial exfoliating kit that is available online.

Apart from this application of the indoor tanning lotion in circular stroke is mandatory. Keep in mind that fact that you are not using anything that damages the tanning bed. 

Tip 5: Removal Of Items

You need to remove all accessories in your body otherwise it will result in white patch around the area they rest against the body. Removal of eyeglasses is a necessity. The heat released from the tool of tanning might destroy the contact or eye glass lenses.

Tip 6: What Garments To Put On?

The use of garments and its choice solely depends on an individual. Some choose to use the swim suits while others are in demand of no clothing at all. Some also prefer to wear the under garments. One needs to check from the officials available in the tanning salon and tanning bed workshops.

Tip 7: Eyes And Its Protection Is A Must

While you are interested in using the tanning device make sure that you are taking an eye protection to prevent direct exposure to the sun rays. All the technicians make sure that the customers are wearing an eye protection such that they do not look at the UV rays emitted from the devices. Repeated exposure of the eyes might cause several disorders like that of retinal ulcer, blindness and night blindness.

Tip 8: Adjustment Of The Body Position

You are not supposed to stay still in the tanning bed; you are advised to move the legs and hands such that the tanning is completely done in a better way. While reclining the individual must nit rest his or her chin on the chest, this will create a white spot on the neck.

Tip 9: Moisturise  After The Session

It is important to apply a moisturiser such that the tan is preserved longer than in any dry and itchy skin. Thus, it is to e noted that a lotion must be applied just after the session and also after each shower be it hot or cold. The choice of lotion is depended on the skin type and deep penetrating lotion must be bought for excessively dry skin.

Tip 10: No Immediate Shower

It is important to note that you must wait at least for three or four hours in order to go for the shower just after the session is over. The reason behind this is, one needs to allow the melanin to successfully get stimulated.

One more thing that needs special attention are – you need to avoid items that causes harm to our skins.It is advisable that too much exposure to either indoor or outdoor ultraviolet rays might prove harmful for the individuals. You can keep the tan from fading by the application of the moisturiser and other cleanly products.

12 Useful Tips To Get The Best Sun Tan – Dos And Dont’s

If you are interested in getting the bronze or golden-brown hues in your skin, go for sunbathing or tanning beds. There are several dos and don’ts that a person needs to follow in order to make sure that they do not land up burning the skin or damaging it permanently.

Tips For A Natural Sun Bath:

Provided below are twelve ways that you can get your skin tanned perfectly when it is summer. The tan lasts longer and is the natural way that helps individual craft the best skin color of their choice. Let’s take an insight into the 12 possible tips to get the desired tan naturally:

Sunbathing Necessities

Take proper sunbath with the best possible lotions and self-tanner so that you get the desired result that lasts long. It is advisable to get the tan natural way but avoiding the risk of getting burnt or redness of the skin. Sunbathing is always related to that of hueing the skin in a perfect way. Sunbathing is a natural way whereas tanning beds are an artificial way. The former tends to last longer creating a much natural tanning color that is not washed away or scrubbed away easily. Once you plan to take a sunbath, prepare yourself with all the necessary items and both beach or backyard of your house would be the best place.

Whole Body Tanning

While you are interested in tanning the front of your body, remember to keep the elbows up in the posture such that the tan is smooth and even. The same is applicable when you lie on your stomach, keep your hands straight to avoid any sort of unevenness. It is advisable to turn every fifteen minutes or thirty minutes thus avoiding too much exposure on one side. The uneven distribution is therefore mastered well with the help of flipping method. Make sure you are carrying all the items that are necessary. Tag along with a chair or mat that will help you lay down or sit comfortably.

Using Sunscreen

The use of sunscreen is a must. It might appear to you that you are barring the sun’s rays from reacting with your skin. The notion is actually wrong since the sunscreen only slows down the action of UV rays such that the tan stays longer. There are numerous companies offering the best solutions for you; the higher the SPF, the more time taking procedure it would be, and this will help the tan last longer than expected. Few tan tends to extend the whole summer and continue in the first weeks of autumn.

Hydrated Skin For Better Results

Remember keeping your skin hydrated. You, of course, do not want patches of the tan all over your body with dry skin. Therefore, intake of lots of liquid become a necessity when it comes to tanning perfectly. Drink a lot of water and juices to avoid dehydration of skins. Supposedly you forget to hydrate your skin at times with liquid, moisturizers work as an alternative keeping the skin tone even and smooth.

Protection For Eyes

Protect the eyes. It is believed that optic nerves when stimulated it helps in the release of melanin that is responsible for the skin color and its changes. Hence, do expose a bit but not directly. Close your eyes or use a hat which can help you in getting a uniform tan. Avoid using sunglasses since it creates a patch march on the sides of eyes. Too much exposure of the eyes can cause itchiness, and thus it is advisable not to stretch the naked eye exposure in the sunlight for long though it makes the tanning procedure faster.

Shower Is A Must

Take a shower – cold or hot – after spending a lot of time in the beach or just the backyard of the house. This helps in preserving the tanned skin color and therefore regarded as the best tip to be followed when it comes to tanning. Taking a shower and gently exfoliating the skin is an important inclusion since they are perfect for removing undulating surface, opens the pores and at the same time makes you look fresh.

Make sure you are not using a hard scrubber to exfoliate since they can wash away the full color in case you have started taking up the tanning already.

Check The Ingredients Of Tanning Lotion

If you are using a self-tanner remember that they already contain ingredients that trigger the change of skin complexion almost immediately after you step out.  This tanning lasts for a couple of days and therefore, requires revival. It is therefore advisable to use the best tanning lotion that helps in slow coloring of the skin and therefore makes it easier for the interested ones. Check the list of ingredients before buying any product, and this will definitely lead you towards the best way to get the tanning.

Hours Of Exposure

If you have the notion that too many hours of exposure to the sun will help you get tanned faster, you are probably walking in the wrong path. It is advisable to spend only a few hours say a couple of two or three hours and not more than that. Going out in the sun for consecutive days is something that worth your tanning look. For the body to gradually get colored it is necessary that you take the regime on a daily basis and under the same circumstances.

Time To Avoid Sunbathing

If you are planning to tan yourself, go for the full body tan. You can go for artificial ones, or you can also stick to the natural sun tanning that is time consuming but a safer mechanism that the body adapts gradually. Avoid sitting in the sun during the following hours 10 Am to 4 pm. This time is not perfect for your tanning solution, and therefore you might land up burning your skin thus leading to a permanent damage.

Taking Breaks

While it is time to sunbath, you may take some breaks. There is a common misconception that one cannot draw near the shades while sun tanning. This is actually wrong and sometimes taking a break ensures that you are helping the prolonging of the tan that will exist for long.   Thus, make sure you choose the correct time and also space.

Sunscreen Application At Intervals

Continuous application of the sun screen is an important part of the sun tan regime. You need to apply the skin care products every half an hour and at the same time get good care for your lips as well. This will help you end the sun tanning procedure with a complete look and that bronze appearance that you want.

Eating Sun Friendly Foods

There is a list of foods that are perfect to be eaten while you go for the tanning procedure naturally. Skins own SPF is boosted with the increased lycopene in the body. Tomatoes are regarded as antioxidants along with several other red and orange fruit and veggies which is regarded as the best sun protection that is increased to rate of 33 %. Taking green tea and fishes rich in omega 3 is also a beneficial way. Dark chocolate reduces the risk of sun burn and at the same time caffeine is believed to curb the risk of skin cancer while you are exposed to sun for longer period of time.

There are a lot of factors that are proven as benefits of getting sun tanned. The increase in few hormones boosts up the melanin secretion. Formation of Vitamin D and other nourishing factors are possible tip that helps in the complete procedure. Therefore, natural way of tanning is always regarded as the best when it comes to getting a bronze or golden-brown hue for the body.

Hopefully, these tips will help you get the best result from your tanning session. Make sure you prepare in a proper manner to get that bronze appreciating looks. Happy Tanning!


7 Smart Tips For Tanning With The Help Of Tanning Beds

After a lot of tips on the natural ways to get tanned here is a list of tips that will help you in case you want to use the tanning bed. As, you have read earlier in the process of natural tanning there are perfect exposures required along with monitorizations and exfoliations. The same thing is also applicable when it comes to use of tanning bed. Here are a set of 7 tips that could actually be used in that case:

Tip # 1

The first tip and advice would be taking a shower and exfoliation of the skin with an abrasive soap. You might also use a scrubbing sponge. This process will help you make your skin clean and free it from the dead cells. Dead cell accumulation might stop the tanning source from reacting on the skin, and this will not be a good idea. This is a proven method that enables the tan stays longer.

According to a research done by the Boston Globe, it is recorded that almost 40 k to 30 k dead skin cells falls of a body within a span of just one minute which sums up to 8.8 pound of dead

Tip # 2

The immediate next step would be using a high-quality tanning product or lotions that are specifically designed to be used for tanning beds. The incorporation of best quality materials in the lotions makes it a better choice for the ones interested in increasing the tan up to 70 percent. It might seem expensive to you but are actually worth the amount of money since the result is visible as soon as the application is done in the correct possible way. Your tan will tend to be smoother, more even, softer and also a better tan result is visible.

Tip # 3

The third step is advisable that you do not tend up burning your skin in the process. You are not supposed to stay in the bed for longer. It could be half an hour to three hours in natural tanning procedure but tanning bed needs just 6 minutes to 8 minutes of your time. You might stay up for a number of sessions but do not go for it all together.

If at any point you tend to burn up the skin, wait till the burn is completely healed before you go for the sessions again. Burning is definitely not good for the skin and you need to have it removed in a shorter period of time.

Tip # 4

It is advisable to wear your sunglass or googles while you are searching for the tan bed to be your partner for tanning regime. You might end up damaging your eyes if you are in the tan bed and therefore it is advisable to wear them whenever you are ion the tan bed and take a serious note of it without failure.

Tip # 5

Each tanning sessions must have a gap of 48 hours and this is necessary. Once you have reached the goal of your tanning sessions, you can maintain the same with the help of one or two visits per week to that of the tanning salon.

Tip # 6

It is advised to use a tan extender solution or lotion that helps in the long lasting of the tan. All these extenders come with a special ingredient that add to the bronze color of the skin that you were desired to achieve. Thus, these are quite popular. Next time you walk into a tanning salon for the tanning sessions make sure that you also take the help of tan extender that helps you in keeping the tan for long.

Tip # 7

Tanning is just a moderation of the color that your own ski exhibits. You can faux up the glow by fake products. Instead abide by the use of real ones and check the ingredients before application of the same.

Final Words:

While you are interested with the best tips, keep in mind each of them before you enjoy your vacation sun tanning in the beach, your own backyard or in a tanning bed.  The use of correct product makes it worth the time and desire that you have.


 How to Get Tan Fast : Your Wait Has Reached To An End Now

Who doesn’t love the warm glow a dusky body exudes? That’s why “how to tan” techniques are highly sought-after. In any case, before you head towards tanning, know the tan preservation methods as well. Let’s find out the popular tanning tips, maintenance recommendations and best tanning product right at this moment in the market.

Visit Salon

Visiting a tanning salon is the ideal way when you are looking for courses on how to get tan fast. You’ll find a number of salons around your locality but the devil lies in details. This is to say, ask around, do your research and go through online reviews before zeroing upon one. Numerous salons provide the clients with sub-standard sprays while giving them full body tan. The only redeeming factor about them is- they are cheaper in price. But the damage done to your skin would be irreparable.

So when you choose a salon, ask for the label of the spray they would use on your body. Does the product contain pores-clogging material? If no, then go for the next.  Likewise ensure that amidst the hoopla of how to tan faster, you must not reach out for a foam/spray that would have orange effect on your skin.


When you are asking for how to get a tan, remember that it will lead to numerous methods, but each of them starts off from the same point and i.e. exfoliation. Exfoliation gives away dead skin cells- thus making your skin more receptive to sun rays. Scrubbing also unclog your skin pores and helps your skin cells to dispose of dirt and oil build-up. There are many top quality defoliators in the market that you may reach out for. Similarly, with some kitchen items you can easily prepare your own scrubber.

 Ingredients such as- oatmeal, brown sugar, and lime juice are great for scrubbing dead skin cells off your body. Go through whole body scrubbing before going outside for tanning. But do remember that, scrubbing ought to be done delicately without tearing off or damaging your skin.

Eat Healthy Foods

Very few “how to get a tan” guides put stress over eating the right food in order to prepare your skin tan-worthy. We all know- how coating our bodies with SPF-rich sun screen shields the skin from UV rays. How many of us have heard about lycopene? This element in your skin creates the skin’s very own sun protection formula. You just need to pick up the right foods to produce its in more percentages. Green tea and tomatoes are two ingredients that are lycopene production-friendly.

 Do you know that dark chocolate has loads of anti-oxidants, which prevent skin cancer while you are lounging under the sun? In the same breath, don’t ignore the power of single shot of espresso. Caffeine does have a property to reduce the risk of UVA-led cancer, while you are striving for how to tan your body.

Apply Coffee

Aside from keeping us awake whole night and giving us energy boosts, coffee has the self-tanning ability itself. This is the secret which many “how to get a tan” manuals don’t let you know that. In order to get a coffee-tan, make a paste of grounded coffee-beans and virgin olive oil. Prepare a smooth glop and spread it evenly all over you body. If it’s becomes hectic to get to the backside, then ask a friend for the favor.

Once you are covered with the mixture, let it remain there for maximum 15 minutes. Afterwards, then wash it off with water. You might not get the effect of a professional tanning service or frying under the sun, but the coffee-gunk will certainly give you a brown glow.

Get Tea Mix

Who knew that our favorite beverage would have such a fitting response for how to get a tan? Like coffee, tea can also lend your skin a honey glow in a safe and easy way. For that method, pick up three tea bags and place them inside a pan. Now pour 1 cup of boiling water on them. After 10 minutes, take out the bags one by one.

By that time, the tea would be seeped into the water. Now strain the liquid and mix quarter cup of sesame oil into it. Take a cotton ball or sponge and apply the concoction all over your body for a smooth brown coloration. This way, you can make your how to tan mission successful.

Put In Natural Oils

Carrot oil has beta carotene that can animate lycopene – your skin’s characteristic SVF. On the off chance you are lying down on the beach; massage your body with carrot oil before stepping out. This would give your body an exquisite brown shade you were looking for, while finding out how to get a tan. Similarly, olive oil is another ideal transporter for tanning your body in an au natural way. Just make sure that, you are picking up the extra virgin variant.

Sponge and cotton ball are two options witch which- you can apply the oil on your body (including the face).These natural oils not only get your skin darker but make it supple as well. In case you are planning to tan your body with natural oil, go for a bubble bath after-ward, for rounding off the process luxuriously.

Avoid Tan Lines

Avoiding tan lines should be one of the priorities before you head towards the beach. For that, remove your sunglass, jewelry and wrist-watch before stretching out on the beach. Otherwise, each of these items would give your body- strips of un-tanned lines once the tanning session is done. In similar fashion, going for strapless swimsuit or stick-on bra under your bathing costume would leave no un-tanned marks at all.

Move Around

Go for a beach volley, will ya? Or what about doing push-ups in your backyard when you are finding ways on how to get tan fast. Constant movement would accelerate the process of browning every limb on both sides of your body. Can you guess what those places are? Well, under-arms and inside of thighs prominently. There are many who lie on their backsides whole day in order to get a tan. Others, only focus on their front-side. But what about the corners and angles of your body where sun never shines? That’s why find out ways to move around while on the beach or in your backyard.

The majority of “how to tan” manuals out there miss out on this very important point. Another impressive byproduct of moving a lot would be- you can easily get a toned body along with a sun-kissed skin.

Smear Cocoa Powder

There are many ways to get a tan effectively without positioning under the sun. Just raid through your kitchen cabinet and you might find the necessary products. In the event, you are itching to know how to tan in a pocket-friendly way, look no further than cocoa-powder. Apart from a quarter cup of cocoa powder, you need white lotion to mix with it. When you blend them well, you will get a foamy paste.

Take a make-up sponge and spread the mixture evenly on your body. Let it soak into your skin for 15-20 minutes. After that, wash it off with lukewarm water. Doing it 5 days a week at a stretch, would give you the desired brown color you were looking for.



Some otherwise well-research “how to get tan” articles skip on the importance of hydration during this tanning process. But if you deprive your body of water, resting on the shoreline would make you dehydrated pretty quickly. Not only that, a dehydrated skin tends to become flaky and dry as well – thus becoming an uneven canvas for tanning.

Drink 4-5 liters of water daily for a supple skin that would produce melanin adequately within a brief 30 minutes itself. If you are planning for a “tanning” vacation well ahead, then start the process of drinking plenty of water as soon as possible.


Remember how the iconic Bond girls come out of sea on-screen- smoldering like bronzed goddess every time? Well, when you are scratching your head by thinking how to get tan fast, bring out your inner-diva and take a dip into the sea. The salt present in the ocean-water would help the sun rays to reflect on your skin-thus leading to its coloration.

Do remember that, when you are picking up ocean as your method of how to tan faster, you need to take time-intervals. No need to floating on the water for more than 10 minutes at a stretch. Take adequate breaks during two dips.

There are some misconceptions that -using sea salt with water and bathing with it inside your bathroom would give you the dusky outcome of tanning. But there is a vast difference between natural sea salt and the processed one. So there is no alternative of bathing in sea when you are looking for ways of how to tan.  

Understand Timing


Understanding the timing is another essential piece of how to get a tan. Do you know that a quick 30 minute session of exposing to sun enough for each side of the body, even if you have the complexion of an English rose? Anything more than that, and you might end up having sunburn, skin damage and something as fatal as cancer. Melanin, the skin pigment, has its own cutoff time and after that, it’s pointless to lounging on the beach.

In case you are diving into the pool or ocean, then also 30 minutes of swimming is sufficient when you are exploring the method of how to tan. Additionally, do remember to take intermittent intervals while going for a sun tanning spree. Lie down near a shade, so that your skin gets protection during intervals from UV ray onslaught.

Put On Sunscreen

Putting on sunscreen is must when you are going out for tanning. The UVA rays otherwise might cause you skin cancer, alongside sunburn. How much time one needs to wait after applying sun-screen and before going outside? The duration varies from 25-30 minutes. Do you have milky-white complexion with no trace of tan? Are you looking for how to tan faster process? Then don’t go for a sunscreen with more than 30 SPF. Else, it won’t bring on the preferred result. In similar fashion, you must be applying SPF based lip balm because no one wants tanned lips. Right?

There is a misconception that one needs sun-screen lotion only while lying back on the beach. But if you are searching for how to tan inside swimming pool, then also you need water-based sunscreen lotion, in order to protect yourself from UVA and UVB.

Avoid Sunburn

Do you know the worst time to remain outside? It’s between 10 AM to 3 PM. It’s the duration when the UVA ray would be at its peak. So when you are looking for methods of how to get a tan, do pay a heed to this time frame. Choosing any other time except this one, would give you a beautiful tan without burning your skin.

However, even if taking all the precautions to avoid sunburn do become futile and you develop a burnt skin, then some natural ingredients like- aloe vera gel or yogurt would heal the burnt area faster. Sipping into chilled coconut water in the mean-time would accelerate the process of healing from sunburn, internally.

Coconut Oil

Extra virgin coconut oil should be your friend while you are lying on the beach or taking a plunge. Do you know when majority of Italian women out there look for how to tan techniques; they mostly up coconut oil as the number one choice for moisturizing? Pat it all over you body before you head towards the ocean. But do remember that in case you have acne, then leave the face out of it. Otherwise, it may aggravate the skin disease.

Shed Inhibitions

It might sound outrageous but do you know how to get tan fast while beach-bumming? Well, it has to be going in a full commando mode! Well, not only lying on beach but you can shed your swimsuit too, while diving into that part of ocean where there is no sign of human beings. Likewise, in case you are picking up the bathing suit for beach lying, going for a two-piece suit should be the ideal choice. Through this way, your body would receive the even shade of tanning.

If you are scheduling your how to get a tan exercise in such  a route  that you would go to the pool in one day and lie on the beach on the next, then pick up the same cut for your swimsuit for both the occasions. Otherwise, you will have uneven colors all over the body.

Go For DIY

When you are researching about how to get tan fast and in an inexpensive way, then how about doing it yourself? Well, while we are discussing about doing it all by yourself, it doesn’t rule out the presence of facilitator. Ask your friend or a family member to spray the tan on your back-side when you are lying down. You can take care of the other limbs by yourself though. Also keep a bottle of moisturizer by your side.

Once the tanning is done; do put on moisturizing lotion all over the body and save the skin from becoming flaky. Before purchasing the spray or the tanning lotion, see YouTube tutorials on self-tanning. Grabbing the right product is also essential so that you might not suffer from side-effects of how to get a tan.

Other Tips

There is a bunch of tips to follow if you are aiming for successful tanning. When you are on the beach, wear big-framed shade that has up to 400mm of UV ray absorption rate.  There are some theories which state that- not wearing a sunglass while lying under the sun and keeping your eyes shut can stimulate the production of melanin in the skin. This pigment is the main reason for skin getting darker. But this can be a highly dubious claim. Moreover, your cornea can be damaged permanently- with the direct contact of harsh sun rays.

Also if you are planning to keep your tan even if the vacation is over, don’t exfoliate for the second week anymore. Scrubbing would peel off the layer of tan.

Picking Up Best Tanner

In these modern times, there is no compelling reason to lying under the sun hour after hour, in order to get a tan. When you type in the search bar for how to tan in a sunless way, then the result would show you hundreds of tanning products that are leading the market. Among them, Idol Tan is a pioneering name.

It’s Convenient To Use

No need to purchase umbrella, sun bathing costume, or spray bed when you are leveraging upon Idol Tan. Just spray it all over your body and go around doing your household chores. When you are looking for the answer on how to tan faster by sea-side or dropping into the pool, it takes lot of time. It means you have to cut back on important tasks.

With this product, the tanning process would be time saving.  Likewise on the off chance you are searching for how to get tan fast, then Idol Tan provides you with the quickest route where you can get the result within 1 hour.

It Has Healthy Ingredients

When we are in the frenzy of how to tan faster, we often times forget that, skin needs to get moisturized and remain supple throughout the coloring process. Using sunrays or dipping into the water, would leave your skin dry and chapped. Idol Tan uses au natural ingredient such as- DHA as well as aloe vera. While the former tans your body without burning it or causing skin pigmentation, the latter has its cooling effect. You don’t need to rub moisturizer throughout the day, once you apply Idol Tan. It has the moisturizing property in itself.

It Gives A Warm Glow

How to tan faster without getting the burnt orange look? Well for that only, Idol Tan should be your best buddy. Instead of lending your skin that orange-ish tint, it will give you the look of melted chocolate or honey-glow. Result? You’d look great with an even skin tone and warm color outfits would gel with your skin like a dream.

It Doesn’t Have Side-Effects

Remember the dreadful damaging of inner skin-layer that comes with methods followed by “how to tan faster”? The hand-picked components of Idol Tan would only darken your skin by coloring the epidermis but won’t trickle down skin deep. The result? A fitting solution to your how to get tan fast quest. Also being the water-based tanning product, you can easily apply Idol Tan during sweltering heat, without getting drenched in sweat.

It’s Versatile And Long-Lasting

Idol Tan is available in different formats. Do you know how to tan faster that lasts minimum 1 week? Well, there is none other Idol Tan that can do this to your skin. What else, you can buy it as foam, spray, cream or lotion. The soothing citrus-y aroma would make the whole experience pleasantly smelled.

Easy To Purchase

Not always how to tan faster method comes with cost-effective price. With Idol Tan, there won’t be any hole-in-your-pocket. Moreover, purchasing the product from the official site itself, would give you the security in the money transaction and quick shipment.

So when you are looking for the answer of how to get tan fast question, do consider Idol Tan. This is one of the coolest and value-for-money products out there.

Tanning is not a rocket science. With the perfect method, timing and protection, you can easily get that sexy bronzed look you have always cherished for. Regardless of whether you prefer the outdoor tanning method or the indoor ones- make sure that you follow the correct step-by-step method. Maintenance is another key part of a flaunting a sun kissed body.