Complete Review Of Idol Tan: All You Wanted To Know

For me, a dusky skin stands for smoldering sex appeal. Be that as it may, there lies a catch.  I can’t stand being in the sun even for half-an-hour. So before I was planning for a one-week Tahiti trip in the beginning of this month, I had been scratching my head over the puzzle- how to get a tan without getting baked in sun? Thanks to my closest companion, I got introduced to Idol Tan- the quintessential self-tanner ruling the market right now. And it blew me away right off the bat.

What Is Idol Tan?

Idol Tan is the neatly package self-tanner which is commended for bringing in quick result. The lazy-me was wincing with the thought of heading to a tanning salon and sitting tight for hours to get tanned. So when Idol Tan was acquainted to me, bronzing my body turned into a cake-walk.

This self-tanner is available in both the foam and gel form. Idol Tan is made of top quality ingredients (more on them later) and has no side-effects by any means. This spray has moisturizing ability as well.

The Ingredients

I won’t get into too many technical details about each of its components. Let’s find out what are the top 3 ingredients that have made Idol Tan the numero uno self-tanner in the segment.

Going by the label, the foremost component here is Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) which is the fillip behind skin coloration. When DHA comes into the contact of your skin’s epidermis, it gives the outer layer of the body a bronze tint.

Idol Tan also contains aloe vera that is celebrated for its cooling and moisturizing effect on skin.

Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7 is the element which will keep your skin gleaming and toned, once you have sprayed the self-tanner over your limbs.

How Does It Work?

The ingredients in Idol Tan can be divided into 3 classifications- color additives, color preservatives and moisturizers. The main component DHA belongs to the first category.

The epidermis contains amino acids. When these amino acids get in touch with DHA, the coloration process kicks off. Not only that, DHA also gives away dead skin cells and exfoliates the body. Do remember that DHA only colors the outer layer of skin and doesn’t penetrate.

The moisturizers not only keep your skin hydrated but also help the splash to spread everywhere on your body. Lastly, the color preservatives hold your skin taut, revitalized and slow down the aging process.

The bronze color by Idol Tan would last for 5-8 days. It also comes with a pleasant citrus aroma, so there would be no embarrassing stenches that mostly come from cheap tanning sprays.

How To Apply Idol Tan?

Before applying Idol Tan, you must exfoliate your body delicately. It will wipe the dirt and oil build-up off the pores and make the skin more responsive towards the gel/foam. Before starting off the application process, do go through the instruction meticulously. Begin from spraying your legs first and then go upwards. Once you are done, let the solution dry off for some time. For best result, you must spray Idol Tan 2-3 days a week.

Is It Viable?

I would give Idol Tan a double thumbs-up. This was the first time I was using a self-tanner and feeling extremely jittery about it. the easy and safe tanning technique by Idol Tan made the whole procedure quick ( I managed to wrap it up within 2 hours) and least messy.

The gorgeous bronze shade on my body made me fall in love with myself once more. The speedy dry formula saved heaps of time for my sake and from thereon, Idol Tan has found a permanent spot inside my make-up kit. Another point I would like to highlight is that- it didn’t discolor my clothes, towel or bed-linen afterwards by any means.

Precautions You Should Take

Though Idol Tan doesn’t contain alcohol or any other harmful ingredient, sometimes the overtly sensitive skin might develop some allergies subsequent to spraying. In order to remain in the safe side, first experience the product out on a small patch of your skin and look out for the result.

Likewise, do wear latex gloves before using Idol Tan to keep your hands well-protected.


DHA is FDA-approved. It doesn’t contaminate bloodstream and that’s why you can use Idol Tan multiple times a week without any lingering fear.

There are numerous sub-standard self-tanners out there which can only produce a ghastly orange shade. Not with Idol Tan. This tans your body in a smoking bronze hue.

Idol Tan is a complete and cost-effective alternative to professional tanning service.


The biggest con of using Idol Tan would be- the outcome lasts only for a week. In case you are looking for a stronger option, go for sun tanning or professional salon service.

Pricing Structure

You might buy it specifically from the official site at $45 a bottle. This is one of the most cost-effective deals available in the self-tanning segment right now. I have purchased it from Amazon site at $29.00 though. Some affiliate marketers would offer you coupon codes. Be that as it may, before accessing to those discounts, check out their authenticity first.

What Others Are Saying?

Idol Tan has garnered an impressive 3.3 stars out of 5 on Amazon. The users have overall demonstrated their satisfaction with the product. While some expressed how they love the easy application of the foam on body, others lauded the pleasant fragrance. A tiny segment of users only voiced their concern about the quantity of the product inside the tube.                                                                                   

Final Verdict

Idol Tan has become my fixture make up item for any pool side part from now onwards. With growing pollution and thinning ozone shield, it has become dangerous to lounging under hot sun day after day. With Idol Tan- one can get the finest tanning service inside home.

The selective ingredients, zero side-effect formula and ease-of-use have made Idol Tan one of the cherished tanners out there. Utilize it, in case you want to get that perfect sun-drenched warm complexion.